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What is “ordinary” about Ordinary Time?  Probably nothing that anyone would notice except that the Priest will now wear green vestments at Mass. We will still pray the Gloria and the Creed during our Sunday liturgies. The Gospel of Matthew will provide the Gospel readings for the Sundays of this liturgical cycle.(cycle A). So, how does Ordinary Time draw us more fully into the mystery of Christ and of our God?

Perhaps it is the themes of Matthew’s Gospel that bring us a response to the last question. Matthew outlines for us the qualities and requirements for a Disciple of Jesus Christ. These include the need to pray daily., the willingness to serve the needs of others before attending to our own needs, the determination to proclaim the Good News by the way we live our daily lives.

In addition, Matthew creates through his Gospel a reminder that we experience the same conflicts in our lives as Jesus did in his life. The three overarching conflicts that Jesus faces according to Matthew are these:

1.    The conflict between good and evil

2.   The conflict with the leaders of the Jewish community

3.    The conflict between Jesus and his disciples.


All of these conflicts play themselves out in our daily lives. In the case of number two, we should regard our challenge as a conflict between ourselves and the professionally “righteous”. In each challenge we are called, as to think and act as God does not as human beings do.


Let us pray often during this “Ordinary Time”, that we will have the patience and wisdom to face the challenges of daily living with courage and with God’s wisdom. If we do we will find that fulfillment and peace that our hearts so ardently desire.


God bless you. 

Fr. Peter Pagones, Pastor

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