Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

Rev. Peter N. Pagones, Pastor   
Parish Mission
To proclaim that Jesus is Lord and Savior
through a living Christian community
Open to all.
To be united, in worship and prayer,
empowered by the Holy Spirit to
love and serve our brothers and sisters
in the parish and in the community at large.
To foster our unity as God's people, by being
receptive to the presence of Jesus in one
another and by sharing our diverse gifts
To carry out the mission of
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Community
as a parish. 
Mass Times 
 Monday, Tuesday-7:00 
 Saturday Vigil  4:00 PM 
Sunday - 9:30 AM 
 St. Paul the Apostle Church - MASS SCHEDULE

Pastor's Pulpit

                  The Start of 2017

With the celebration of the beginning of the New Year, we have an opportunity to get a fresh start in our relationship with God and others. Our New Year’s resolutions point us in the direction of change and transformation. These resolutions, for the most part deal with the material and personal parts of our lives, e.g. to lose weight, to quit smoking, to exercise more etc. I have called these resolutions and our attempts to put them into practice, Spring Training. I am suggesting that we use these resolutions as a practice run for the main event. They can help us prioritize the things we need to do to get our spiritual house in order.

 "Spring Training can Help us get a head start
on the regular Season" 
The main event, or the “Regular Season” begins on Wednesday, March 1st, Ash Wednesday. In a sense “Spring Training” can help us get a head start on the “regular Season. If we use the time between New Year and Ash Wednesday well, we will be ready as Lent begins to hit the road running. We can have our Lenten Resolutions ready to be put into practice. This will allow us to really work on the Spiritual and relationship changes we need to make in our lives, and to make Lent truly fruitful.

May the Lord help each of us to know our sins and shortcomings and failures in order that we might grow in love of God and our neighbor. Then we shall truly know the peace and fulfillment that can only come from serving the Lord our God with all our heart, mind and being.

 Fr. Peter Pagones , Pastor  

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