Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, 1255 Pleasant St., Schenectady, NY 12303
Pastoral Care Ministry to the Sick, Elderly and Homebound
Kristin Black, Pastoral Care Coordinator


Visitation ministers are able to visit and bring Holy Communion to those members of the parish family who are unable to come to Mass due to illness or age.  This is available for parishioners with short-term needs, such as extended illness, lack of mobility or residence in one of our local nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Visits for the Sacrament of the Sick and Reconciliation may be arranged for those who are homebound or in one of our local or assisted living facilities. 
During a hospital stay, the hospital Pastoral Care Department should be contacted for Holy Communion and other Sacramental needs.  Please notify the parish so that we will be aware of you or your loved one's condition.
We will pray for you and be available upon discharge as needed. 


Help us let those members of the parish family who are not able to join us for Mass, know that they are kept close in our thought and prayer.  

Are you a person of faith and spirituality?  Do you enjoy interacting with others? Are you compassionate and accepting of people as they are?  Consider then, the gifts God has given you, may be a call to join in visition to the sick, elderly and homebound.
Or participate by helping to send Christmas and Easter Cards or other thoughtful ways to keep our parish family connedted?  This is an excellant part of ministry that is easy for all ages to participate. 
 Contact Kristin Black for more information or if you are interestedin participating in this ministry.


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